Count von Count says: Help me count to $400

by Mimi Bluestone




days left


I really love to count! But even though I love most numbers, this one makes me sad: 421, the current level of ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It’s pushing the thermometer up to numbers I don’t even like to think about!

But I love the number 350! Why, you ask? Because 350 ppm carbon dioxide is the upper safe limit for a livable climate! How can you help us get back to that most wonderful number? By making a contribution to 350Brooklyn, but of course!

350 Brooklyn is your local answer to fighting the climate crisis - join us! 

Our members make phone calls, visit Albany, create graphics, lobby our local electeds, spark conversations and even run 5ks in support of our work. Donating to 350 Brooklyn is a critical piece of this activism and makes us stronger in our fight.

How would you like to support?