Plant Sale /Unhoarding Event Fundraiser

by Kathy Malone




There was a not-yet-old lady who had so many plants she didn't know what to do! But then along came this fundraiser for 350Brooklyn, yay!

Folks! Help me unload my plant babies and raise funds for an excellent cause, supporting all the hard, well-thought-out work we do at 350Brooklyn (aka my chosen human family). If you have a green thumb please email me which plant you are interested in and how we can get it to you. If you have a brown thumb but a green heart, just donate what you can with a clear conscience.

What will your tax-deductible dollars go to you ask? 

To begin with, we have 7 Workgroups:

  • Power Hour (phone bank party)
  • Climate Families
  • State and Federal Legislation Team
  • Media Committee
  • People vs Fossil Fuels
  • Plastic Free
  • Arts/Ideas/Events

And we are almost all volunteer run with a few seasoned administrators experts in their field so we, the volunteers can focus on:

  • advocacy and strategy
  • rallying, attending media events, testifying at climate hearings 
  • calling and writing to our electeds for specific climate legislation and action
  • expanding our skills and knowledge base 
  • convening IRL for team building, brainstorming and straight-up friendship!
  • Please join us!

350 Brooklyn is your local answer to fighting the climate crisis - join us! 

Our members make phone calls, visit Albany, create graphics, lobby our local electeds, spark conversations and even run 5ks in support of our work. Donating to 350 Brooklyn is a critical piece of this activism and makes us stronger in our fight.

How would you like to support?