Batsheva Williamson

by Batsheva Williamson




Seeing the impact of GIFT since 2015 and the joy and importance that their programming has brought to our seniors and those who participate as volunteers is priceless.  Please join me in supporting this campaign 

“Win or lose… We going to walk out of this stadium tonight with our heads held high. Do your best. That’s all anybody can ask for!” —Remember the Titans.

The Super Bowl this year was one for the books, with two teams fighting for the opportunity to hold the acclaimed Lombardi Trophy. The remarkable accomplishment of lifting it high in the air and showing appreciation for their fans’ support got them to this epic win.

GIFT wants to feel that same epic win and passion for what we fight for, providing joy to hundreds of seniors during the holidays. Passover is coming quickly, and we need your support for a 2023 victory. University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has generously gifted a sponsorship to provide 150 GIFT kits this Passover. These kits are $60 per person; we need your help to provide for 150 more seniors and those that are immunocompromised and have special needs in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Like the exhilaration of lifting that trophy in celebration, nothing brings more joy than to witness the appreciation and delight of receiving a GIFT kit filled with holiday essentials, a festive meal, and community love and support.

We are down to the wire; we only have ONE week to determine how many more recipients we can bless this holiday. Your generosity will determine how many seniors will receive kits this year.

A beloved Pittsburgh resident who needed a kit last year wrote: 

“ We were amazed at how complete and how delicious the meals were!  With everything one needs for a Seder, including Large Print Haggadah!  Being in the position of utilizing the service and personally enjoying the holiday-to-go meal gave us an incredible appreciation for all the effort and love from the organization and volunteers, which is poured into these special packages. We were glad to help our friend’s program all those years we didn’t need a kit, but now we are committed to supporting an organization whose work we have experienced first-hand.” Bob & Elle Bernstein 

Take some winnings from those super bowl bets and help support a wholesome and loving cause.


View our website to find out about advertising your company in our custom Haggadah. Sponsorship opportunities available. 

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