Miss Chisholm Trail 2023

by Madi Franquiz

Supporting: 2023 Competition Magazine for Miss Texas Organization

My name is Madi Franquiz. I am representing Chisholm Trail at Miss Texas this year!

At 25 years old, I stood on the floor of the United Nations 77th General Assembly to advocate for children who had missed the 3rd Grade Literacy Benchmark. This benchmark is indicative of future success a child will have in school- and it was a benchmark that I missed. Living in poverty during my 2nd grade year, we struggled with access to basic necessities of life, including books. I never dreamed that someone like me could one day attend college or compete for Miss Texas. My father came into this country with a Spanish-English dictionary and struggled to learn English as a second language. The literacy journey happened generationally for my family, but I am proud to say I am living the American dream.

Today, I am a graduate student, published author, public speaker, and international nonprofit CEO. In 2022, I was named the youngest founding member of the World Literacy Taskforce operating under the UN SDG 4. My advocacy work has been recognized by international governing bodies and the state of Texas. I have traveled across the world for speaking engagements and appearances to places like New York, Oxford, and London. This year alone, I have spoken to over 50,000 and served as a U.S. Delegate at the World Literacy Summit. I beat the statistics.

Only four out of ten Texas students can read at their grade level by 3rd grade. Low-income, students of color, and English language learners struggle even more. The statistics are staggering. They're inexcusable. They're also changeable. Research shows that early intervention is key to ending the epidemic of illiteracy. That's why I want to be Miss Texas. As Miss Texas, I will continue to help children acquire essential literacy skills, and empower them to access better opportunities in life. 

Thank you for supporting my mission to ensure every child can write the story they want to read!

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