Miss Dallas 2023

by Annette Addo-Yobo

Supporting: 2023 Competition Magazine for Miss Texas Organization

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting me on my journey to Miss Texas! The last several months of holding the title of Miss Dallas have been nothing short of an incredible experience. Your support not only goes toward my journey to Miss Texas, your support also furthers my Community Service Initiative to ensure EVERY child is given an equitable path from cradle to college. 

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Donate $25 to have your name listed on the ad page! Your name will be part of 14 names total on each page. 

SPONSORS AND BUSINESSES: For your generosity, you will have your business/organization featured on the ad page and my Miss Dallas social media page, and you will receive a signed Miss Dallas poster! One full Black and White page is a $350 donation and a half page is a $175 donation. Full color pages are a $750 donation. 

Thank you so much again for your donation, and thank you for your support in my journey to becoming the FIRST immigrant-born Miss Texas! 


Annette Addo-Yobo, Miss Dallas 2023

Each year, the Miss Texas Organization is proud to present the Miss Texas Competition Magazine. This magazine is made available for advertisement by businesses, families and volunteers who want to promote their company, show support and wish their competing candidate Good Luck by purchasing a Magazine Showcase Page.

Our magazine is seen by tens of thousands across the nation, is sold all year long and is a popular coffee table accessory that may be viewed through out the year. Each candidate competing for the job of Miss Texas or Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen, sets a goal of how many magazine showcase pages she wants dedicated just to her. Thank you in advance for your support. 

We are grateful for your donation and support to Miss Texas Scholarship Organization.

Donations are nonrefundable and if you have made an error in making your donation please contact the Miss Texas office at 214-549-2003.