Miss Johnson County's Teen 2023

by Lily Roberts

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Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my page! I am so excited to be part of the Miss Texas Scholarship Organization! This is my first time to be a delegate, but I have been involved with the program since I was just six years old. My sister and I started out as Lone Star Princesses and then became volunteers with the Princess program. But it is so amazing to finally be competing! 


Each delegate has her own CSI - Community Service Initiative. My CSI is "Stronger Together: It Starts with You." It's about showing people how easy  and rewarding it is to volunteer. It’s not about the amount of time you give, but rather about following your passion and serving your community in ways both big and small. I have earned the President's Volunteer Service Award every year since 2020 for volunteering more than 100 hours annually.  I am passionate about volunteering and have lots of ideas for you! You can go to my Instagram or my Linktree for more about me and my CSI!

 A Quick Look at My CSI: Stronger Together

Talent is also part of the Miss Texas' Teen pageant and I will be performing a Broadway number - tap-dancing and singing. Until this past October I had a tumbling routine, but I slipped on a wood floor during rehearsal, and dislocated my knee cap. That was by far the most pain I ever felt in my life! I am a Varsity cheerleader, and a soccer player, so the injury not only took me out of pageants for a few months, it also meant I couldn't cheer at Homecoming (and I had to wear a brace to the dance!), or try out for Varsity soccer. Emotionally it was a lot to get through. I was so happy that a few months of physical therapy helped me heal, but I am still not going to do any tumbling on stage! Instead, I chose the song "I Can Do That" from "A Chorus Line" to use in my talent presentation - it's a great message about believing in yourself and knowing you CAN do that!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, we are “Stronger Together: It Starts with You!”      

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Our magazine is seen by tens of thousands across the nation, is sold all year long and is a popular coffee table accessory that may be viewed through out the year. Each candidate competing for the job of Miss Texas or Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen, sets a goal of how many magazine showcase pages she wants dedicated just to her. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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