Miss South Texas' Teen 2023

by Claire Hodge

Supporting: 2023 Competition Magazine for Miss Texas Organization

 I'm an everyday kid that came from a single parent home with two older brothers. My mom struggled to make ends meet but not once did she ever let it stop us from following our dreams, even if it meant she worked two jobs. I compete because as a little girl growing up in pageants, even competing at the first Little Miss Texas Star,  I had always dreamed of becoming Miss Texas Teen and even Miss America's Teen but it is now so much more than that. I compete to show others not just from my own community but throughout the state of Texas and America that no matter your circumstances, financial status, label society may give you; with hard work and determination anyone can reach their goals.

I created Claire’s Closet on all campuses of my own school district to create change and work toward inclusivity for all to See The Able Not The Label. Claire’s Closet takes in donations not just from my peers or students from the other campuses but also from our community. This allows students that may not have the opportunity to have “nicer things” that labels them as anything other than the beautiful humans they are to have things they feel they need in order to be able to fit in.


As a titleholder, I have been blessed with a stage to share these messages on and an audience larger than I imagined.

Here, I ask you to further support Miss South Texas’ Teen 2023 an advocate for inclusivity, “See The Able Not The Label” and Claire’s Closet by placing an ad in the Miss Texas 2023 Competition Magazine. These ad pages will not only introduce your business any my initiatives to an audience that spans our great state of Texas but will reach people from many states across our beautiful country. 

Help make a difference not just in my journey to Miss Texas Teen but to other teens nationwide that share the same dream of one day becoming a state and even national title holder as sponsoring ads helps enable more scholarships each year.

Each year, the Miss Texas Organization is proud to present the Miss Texas Competition Magazine. This magazine is made available for advertisement by businesses, families and volunteers who want to promote their company, show support and wish their competing candidate Good Luck by purchasing a Magazine Showcase Page.

Our magazine is seen by tens of thousands across the nation, is sold all year long and is a popular coffee table accessory that may be viewed through out the year. Each candidate competing for the job of Miss Texas or Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen, sets a goal of how many magazine showcase pages she wants dedicated just to her. Thank you in advance for your support. 

We are grateful for your donation and support to Miss Texas Scholarship Organization.

Donations are nonrefundable and if you have made an error in making your donation please contact the Miss Texas office at 214-549-2003.