One-Arm Golf Support

by Dan Aldrich




Hi Friends and Family!

Most of you are aware of my passion to help others with disabilities and those dealing with injuries in their arms.  I still make arm slings and ship them all over the world, but most of my energies are supporting the adaptive golf community.

I am still the President of the North American One-Armed Golfer Association and am very proud of the work we have done.  Two key areas we are leading the way, not only in the US, but around the world is with Jr's and women.  We started a Jr. program over 4 years ago, we started by bringing in a few kids for a day on the range and a few holes on the course, we covered all their expenses from meals, lodging and travel.  My favorite story from that first event was a parent sharing her daughters response as they walked into the room for the first time, as they reached the front of the room, the daughter leaned over to her mother and said "My people" Yes, it's about golf, but it's so much more.  We have grown from that first introductory event to our Jr's participating in two one arm competitive tournaments a year, one of our players being the youngest competitor at the US Adaptive Open and one of the 15 female players in that tournament, and this year two of our players are going to college at the University of Arizona as part of the Adaptive Golf Team.  Amazing stuff. 

This year we are holding the inaugural one-armed women's championship and covering the cost for all the women participants.   Looks like we will have 10 one-armed women players, pretty good when you consider most all disability tournaments usually have less than 5 women in the field.

On top of those two initiatives is the ongoing support we give to anyone with an impairment in one or both of their arms.  We regularly help offset costs for people to attend our tournaments, pay for equipment and provide countless clinics for new people to the game.  

Any financial support you can give would be great.