1 Armed Golfers Need A Hand!

by Jimmy Nolan




Hello there! My name is Jimmy Nolan and I am a 40 year old one armed golfer from New Jersey. I never intended on being a one armed golfer but life has a funny way of presenting these challenges. I am married to that pretty lady in my profile picture for 5 years now and we have an adorable 2year old boy named Connor.  I currently dispatch for a Police Department where I grew up. I been there for 17 years. I grew up in Riverdale NJ playing any sport my parents would sign me up for. I excelled (or at least I thought I held my own) in sports at a young age, especially in baseball. I threw right handed and batted lefty. I LOVED SPORTS! Life tossed in a speed bump as I turned 15 and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. To cure me of this rare bone cancer, they replaced my right shoulder blade with a titanium one. After a months of rehab and physical therapy I was back out there competing once again. Fast forward to a check up with the doctors in July of 1999. "It's back and it's more aggressive" the doctor relayed to my parents and I. August 10th 1999 I would have my right arm amputated to save my life. 16 years old and starting life all over. I am now a lefty! I was looking for a new challenge and found it in my early 20's. GOLF!!!  I have been playing for several years with all my able bodied friends. From losing by a lot yet learning the game, I have a new passion for this frustrating sport after meeting the members of NAOAGA. The North American One-Armed Golfer Association invited me to their Winter Regional in Florida January 2020 and I fell in love. These men and women bring such inspiration, pride, kindness and great energy the sport of golf. I really enjoyed the support everyone gives especially with the junior one-armed golfers. NAOGA puts hope into their young minds and I look forward of being a part of that throughout the country. The "Never Quit" attitude was always my way of life and I'm glad I can share it with new lifetime friends in this organization