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Was born in the 1970’s in a small town where everyone knew her as the one-handed girl. Although she had that title, she never let anything stand in her way. In fact, when she was born, her parents always indicated she was almost one out of 1,000,000 because she was born with two rare birth defects, an amniotic band syndrome causing her left arm not to develop above the elbow and to a form of spina bifida called a meningocele. This caused her spinal cord to be ripped and have a"bubble" defect requiring surgery. She was lucky not to have substantial effects.

Sarah started golf about 8-years ago and is eager to make a positive impact to others, no matter their ability. She is a VERY giving person, who is known as the cheerleader and positive person on the field; usually wearing pink. Anything she can do to grow awareness and help others start is her passion. Infact, she hosted a fundraiser and focuses those dollars on new players, juniors or those needing the extra assistance. In 2023, Sarah grew the NAOAGA field by having the first ever Inaugural Ladies Championship, this past June and is excited to make that next impact.

She is involved with many boards, committees and will continue to strive for Adaptive Growth all around, with focus on the lady's and junior field. Each event costs roughly $1600 and Sarah is hoping to attend 4 events in the next 12 months.