This is for the them !

by Joe Russo




Campaign has ended


  In 2019 a brave group from Team Jamesy and I ran 172 miles across the desert in a race called The Grand to Grand Ultra to help bring awareness and fund a clinical trial for the boys that suffer from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy....we succeeded in completing the race, we succeeded in raising funds and we helped push these boys further....but it wasn't enough ! 

  In 2022, AGAIN, myself and a courageous team from Team Jamesy toed the line once again to participate in one of the most difficult Ultra Marathons in the world....The Grand to Grand Ultra. The outcome this time was not what we had anticipated. Most importantly, we reached our fundraising goals and awareness for this horrific muscle wasting disease. But, this time the race chewed us up and spit us out with the intensity that it is known for, with the exception of one runner....the lone survivor, Doug Pike.

  This September, once again, we are heading out to the desert for " THE LAST DANCE " this will epic. Follow us along our journey as we capture heart breaking moments and struggles that these little boys and their families go through everyday just to complete daily living. Follow and help us as we raise funds and awareness and as we train hard and compete in one of the worlds top 10 hardest ultra marathons.... all for one reason....TO FIND A CURE !! 

  Please help me reach my goal by donating and by sharing the story of our fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ! 

Thank You,


Team Jamesy !

JAR of Hope is taking on the G2G once again. This very well might be Jim's last dance. You are going to want to come on out and enjoy the last time Jim will ever do this race. Jim needs to spend more time at home with Jamesy. Jamesy is 14 now, and this will be Jim's 6 consecutive starts at this amazing event. Jamesy has lost the ability to walk, but we are not done fighting yet. Our intentions are to fund the clinical trial at the University of Florida to help understand more about this devastating disease.

Jim has said, "It's been a great ride running the G2G, but this was never about racing". This has and will always be about finding a cure for Jamesy and making his quality of life that much better than Duchenne allows. I can't thank everyone enough for all their support.

Let's bond together and make this the best event to say Farwell to Jim as this is his Last Dance in the desert.

JAR of Hope!

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