Bottoms Family Tradition

by Hunter Bottoms




Campaign has ended


My name is Hunter Bottoms. I've been decorating this home pretty big now for a few years. The display features over 75,000 lights with a portion synchronized to music and transmitted to your car via fm radio. I began decorating with my father at our home in Brandermill in 1995. That display grew so popular and eventually caused a traffic issue on Brandermill parkway. We stopped that display after winning USA Today's best private light display. Now to carry on the tradition my father started, I have brought many items that are special to me over to my home in Magnolia Green. Thank you for all of your donations, the lights are for the kids. 

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The Joyful Battle of Lights is a friendly battle of light displays in the Greater Richmond area working together to bring even more joy to our community by fundraising for Worthdays. Worthdays is a Richmond area nonprofit organization whose mission is to mobilize the community to ensure that those impacted by the local foster care system know that they are important, worthy and celebrated. We believe kids in the foster care system deserve to have a childhood in which they are unconditionally adored and provided with opportunity for joy and growth! Our nonprofit focuses on celebrating the important days in the lives of kids in foster care that often go uncelebrated, such as birthdays and holidays, along with giving kids opportunity to experience normalcy and have their unmet needs met! 

Holiday lights bring so many joy during the holiday season and we can't wait to spread even more JOY throughout the foster care system because of the generosity of the light displays working together in this friendly battle! Thank you so much for your willingness to share the JOY of the season to those our organization serves throughout the year! We encourage you to learn more about organization by visiting us on the web, on Facebook or Instagram

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