Neil Woodward Trio @ The Ark

by Neil Woodward


"This life is a treasure. It is such a blessing to be playing music for a living, sharing stories and songs with people around the world! Yet, we are all one short step away from a world of trouble. Having to miss one gig can be the difference between having the rent covered or having to sleep under a bridge. We need to lend a hand when we are able. I invite you to attend the show, and please make a contribution if you can. Thank you and BIG thanks to Sweet Relief, The Ark, and everyone supporting folks doing this work!"

Neil Woodward is a Michigan treasure, and if you’ve never seen him before, you should!  His musical performances bring to life the Michigan Experience for Great Lakes audiences and visitors from around the world. Neil’s first time to play at The Ark was 1975. He is recipient of Michigan State University’s Michigan Traditional Arts 2018 Heritage Award for leadership and artistry in folk music. In 2003 the State of Michigan Legislature officially designated Neil “Michigan’s Troubadour” in recognition of his life-long commitment to preservation of Great Lakes folk music and culture.

Considered one of the top music clubs in the world, The Ark is renowned for the quality and breadth of its programming. The Ark is an intimate 400-seat club presenting performers who fall into the wide-ranging genres of folk and roots music.

While we have become known for our Designated Artist Funds, where we raise money for specific musicians in need who have a community of support that is willing and able to help out, the vast majority of musicians who apply for assistance to Sweet Relief do not have that option.  Money that is donated to ouGeneral Fund goes towards helping this class of professional musicians.  You may not know their names, but their contributions to music are just as important and your generosity toward helping them is both crucial and appreciated.

Contributions to the Sweet Relief's General Fund will help to pay for a music industry worker's medical expenses, housing, food, and other vital expenses such as utilities, clothing, transportation, program services, and counseling.

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