We are Action Corps! -- Help us advocate for global justice in 2023

by Brian and Noelle Rawson




Campaign has ended


We are excited this year to continue to support the Action Corps community of advocates, the kind of big-hearted, courageous and tenacious voices we need!  Our mission is to champion justice in solidarity with people most affected by climate disasters and conflict.

Thank you for supporting our work! The humanitarian situation around the world has gotten significantly worse since the beginning of the pandemic three years ago, and the need for your voice and support has never been greater.

Action Corps' work is growing. The Yemen coalition we lead now boasts over 20 organizations, working to once and for all end U.S. participation in the Saudi war. The Global Crisis Relief campaign we lead obtained Reuters coverage this fall. And we are attracting talented new organizers across the country.

To meet the growing demand for our leadership, we need to support more activists and organizers, and that's where you come in. Thank you for investing in everyday people across the U.S. who are speaking up for our human family around the world.

Support our advocates.

What Action Corps Does

Action Corps works to get the U.S. to follow its laws -- and change policies when needed -- to save lives. We people build people power across the U.S. in solidarity with people around the world. Right now we are campaigning to stop U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen, end genocide in Burma, and release international resources for countries facing multiple crises.

What Your Gift Will Accomplish

By supporting Action Corps, you will help equip advocates across the U.S. to help change U.S. policies to save lives.  In particular, your generosity will help us support our organizers and ambassadors in 20 states, double the number of states where we have an on-the-ground presence, and increase our influence with members of Congress.

How would you like to support?