We Are Compassion in Motion! (Trina Chow)

by Trina Chow

Supporting: 2017 Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk for In Our Lifetime



Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. I'm proud to be walking in this year's Immediate Impact Walk and raising vital funds.

We as individuals may feel powerless at our inability to affect big changes in the course of this disease. We can, however, make an immediate impact person to person, helping to change lives.

The 2017 Immediate Impact Walk will be held on Sunday, October 15th.  We will be walking 20 miles around our beautiful city of San Francisco. We have already begun our training walks, but have less than two months before the big day!

My personal fundraising goal for the year is $10,000. 

I thank you all for the very generous donations and for all of the support that you have given to me over the many years that I have participated in these walking events. This will be the sixth year of the Immediate Impact Walk. Our small, but mighty local walk that has raised over $500,000 in its first five years! 

YOU have helped me raise over $72,000 in those five years. Let?s see how much more we can add to that with this year?s event.

The event is less than 2 months away, but I?ve already started training with my team over the last couple of months. We?re a little late, but we?re as dedicated as ever.

This will be my eighth year participating in breast cancer related fundraising walks. I am positive that with your support and encouragement, it?ll be another great and successful event.

As always, thank you for your support and consideration. 

With Gratitude,
Trina Chow

The Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk is more than a walk. It is a moving monument and a community of people who are committed to helping people who need it the most.

This one-day 20-mile walk event raises critical funds for under-served people with breast cancer in the Bay Area and metastatic disease research. We are proud support this vital work. 

Person to person, we are helping change lives. This small but mighty event has granted over $500,000 in 5 years!