Schools Over Stadiums in support of Nevada Teachers and the City of Oakland

by Andrew Pardini




Campaign has ended


My name is Andrew Thomas Pardini and I am a Tenured Member of the Regular Chorus with San Francisco Opera, where I made my company debut as part of its 2022-2023 Centennial Season. A native of Modesto, California, I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit

am thrilled to be joining Sing for America for the upcoming 2024 Gala Concert - Sunday, 07 April 2024, 7:00p, Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco. 

BUY TICKETS by clicking the link. You can get $10 off the ticket price by using my SFA number. Enter SFA181. Put the number in the coupon box when you buy tickets from City Box Office. We are excited to see you in April!!

This is my first season collaborating with SFA, and I am so proud to be involved with a foundation that is making a difference in the Bay Area and beyond.

For my personal campaign, I have chosen Schools Over Stadiums, which concerns the Oakland A's proposed move to Las Vegas.

Schools Over Stadiums is committed to pursuing every possible path to stop the use of public funds to subsidize a billionaire's stadium. This includes litigation as well as giving Nevadans the opportunity to vote to stop this misguided project. 

This organization means a great deal to me as an avid supporter of public educators and the City of Oakland's rich history with Major League Baseball, both of which are in jeopardy due to A's Ownership and MLB Commissioner's desire to uproot the team from Oakland to Las Vegas.

Such a move would be devastating to the culture and community of Oakland, and would earmark precious Nevada tax dollars to be used for a multi-billion dollar ballpark as opposed to public schools and state programs. For more information, please visit

I very much appreciate your support of my personal campaign. 


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