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Ifrah Khan

Supporting: Fund the Distribution of 100,000 Quran boxes for Al-Furqaan Foundation



As Muslims, it is our duty to educate, clarify and inform people about Islam or at least facilitate it. We’re all familiar with the current social and political atmosphere that exists. We are living in an era where the civil rights of Muslims and minorities are under siege. Islamophobia is on the rise, but so is Islam.

Despite the rampant rise of Islamophobia, thoughtful Americans who are curious about the real nature of Islam might go out of their way to discover the teachings of the religion from reliable sources.

So where do we fit in all of this?

In the last 14 years Furqaan Project, a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation has delivered 1 million copies of the Qur’an.

However, we did this the old fashioned way. Now we have built a complete system powered by the latest technology called

EDDD Every Door Direct Da'wah to deliver over 5 million copies of the Qur’an within the next year.

It's clear after 9/11 that negative sentiment has been on the rise, but you can make a difference. Support what we do and defeat fear by sponsoring a box. The cost of sponsoring a box is $104.

Each box contains 52 copies of the Qur’an and our goal is to distribute
100,000 boxes across the nation.
That’s 5.2 million copies Qur’an.
We have a system in place and the ability to deliver, all we need now is your support.

Defeat fear and sponsor a box today.

How would you like to support?