Willow- "Fight Like a Frenchie"

by Janice Rogers




Campaign has ended


My name is Willow Rogers and my Mom is Lindsay. My mom adopted me about 5 years ago. She is the BEST mom ever. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses every day. She makes sure I get plenty of food and water along with those GOOD COOKIES. My mom takes good care of me. Now I want to help her. She hasn't felt good lately - She has Breast Cancer. I heard her talking to a friend and she told them she has a lot of treatment still to come more chemo and surgery. I am a good nurse, I give her lots of kisses, snuggles, hugs and frequent naps (especially on those days she has treatment) but "WE" need your help to find a way to detect Breast Cancer earlier so no one else has to get sick. NOBODY FIGHTS ALONE.  Fight like a Frenchie and Pray for a cure. Please vote for me. Every vote counts. I dressed up in my best pink socks to  "PINK MY PAWS".