Tynson on Patrol

by Tynson On Patrol




Campaign has ended


Tynson was no ordinary dog. With her sleek coat and intelligent eyes, she was a Boxer like no other. Her unique mission? To tackle breast cancer and bring comfort to those in need through her involvement in Fishin' for a Cure.

In 2020, they attended their first Fishin' for a Cure event, an annual gathering of breast cancer survivors, friends, caretakers and supporters. Tynson provides emotional support to those attending. Her gentle nature and intuitive understanding of human emotions made her the perfect companion for this event.

Fishin' for a Cure became an annual tradition for Tynson and her parents. Many participants found solace in her presence, as if Tynson could sense their struggles and offer a reassuring paw or a warm nuzzle.

Over the years, Tynson's involvement in Fishin' for a Cure grew. She became a symbol of resilience and support for those battling breast cancer. Her mere presence provided a sense of hope and healing that was invaluable to the event's participants.

As Tynson attended more Fishin' for a Cure events, they saw the positive impact they were making. Tynson's unique ability to sense and provide comfort became an integral part of the event's mission to support breast cancer patients and raise awareness.

One sunny afternoon, as Tynson basked in the warmth of the event venue, she had become a source of strength and solace. 

Tynson loves to support Fishin' for a Cure. Help her continue her mission as she tackles breast cancer.