See Ya Later Cancer.. OR NOT... Alvie-Gator

by Pamela Walker




Campaign has ended


During the 2022 #FishinForACure Poker Fish tournament I was anxiously awaiting a visit with my soon to be adopted little Alvie. Foster mom brought her to visit me at the beach. We decided to walk down the beach. It was a wonderful experience watching her play in the water, greet every person on the beach and have a ball. After walking about a mile, we stopped to get water and rest. We ended up chatting on the deck for close to an hour, when we decided it was time to go. We could not get Alvie to stand up. She acted like she didn’t want to wake up. Both foster mom and I were clearly alarmed.  When we got her to stand and move, she was walking like she was drunk so Foster Mom and I hustled down to the beach to her vehicle so she could take Alvie to the emergency vet. I carried my sweet baby the 1 mile walk back to her vehicle. Foster Mom looked at me and said, “You don’t have to keep her if you don’t want to.” I said, “Are you kidding me? She’s mine now." About 3 hours later she called and told me the vet said that Alvie was high as a kite. She had either eaten an edible or licked THC off someone’s hands. The vet said she would just need to sleep it off. Alvie slept 24 hours straight. We could not believe that would happen to a dog with a foster mom who worked at the Dept. of Defense and I worked for the Dept. of Public Safety.  My boy Gator is also entertaining and full of adventure. This little man was rescued from the streets of Louisiana. I wanted to give him a name that was Cajun the state. The first time I took him for a walk in the park, every leaf, tree limb, piece of trash, everything went into his mouth. I thought of the name Gator. He is very protective, yet sensitive wonderful boy. He loves to snuggle and flop his 55 pounds on top of you like he weighs 10. Both of these dogs are my kids, the loves of my life. Please won’t you vote for these crazy kids and help us raise money for a cure? We do appreciate you joining us in #FishinforACure and #PinkMyPaws!