Sofia’s Page for Project Makeover 2023-2024

by Sofia Dahlmann




Hi there, thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Project Makeover!
This year I am serving as an Internal Communications Coordinator for Project Makeover. I have the wonderful opportunity to help this organization on its mission to help schools spark wonder, joy, and dreams for the third year in a row.
Project Makeover at The University of Florida is a chapter of the non-profit Project Makeover that works year-round to create imaginative school spaces for communities. Our mission was built on a dream. This organization has been a vital part of my college experience, as it has allowed me to engage with my local Gainesville community, and form a community of my own.
It's the idea that -- when young leaders walk through hallways and see the faces of some of the world's greatest leaders, or learn and play in an outdoor classroom, or explore the elements of music on their way to lunch -- they might dream a little bigger.
Over the past 12 years, this dream has been poured into learning environments in elementary schools. We've dreamt of spaces for students to grow and develop, and we've created them, too. Help us provide spaces to inspire students to learn, create, and grow in!
Thank you in advance for your support of Project Makeover!
-Sofia Dahlmann

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