Julia Seifer's Project Makeover Fundraiser

by Julia Seifer




Hi, thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Project Makeover!

Project Makeover is a nonprofit organization working year-round to create imaginative school spaces by renovating elementary school campuses in our local Gainesville community. With mural painting, landscaping, and construction, we transform schools into a more beautiful and productive environment, fostering creativity and growth in students for years to come. I have the privilege of serving on PM's Operations Team, and I could not be more excited!

As a PM volunteer last year, I absolutely loved my experience working landscape, and the community of students working alongside me were equally as cool and helpful. Having attended schools with lots of green space, and schools with essentially none, I understand the need for beautification around campus to foster a productive learning environment (especially the younger, more impressionable students who are still becoming comfortable with the rigidity of the school system).

My volunteer experience with PM brought back fond memories of helping with my elementary school’s Beautification Day, an annual volunteering event where parents and students came together to plant trees and paint murals. We transformed our campus’s peeling white walls into a colorful environment with plants and ponds, bringing birds, butterflies, and a refreshed mindset, encouraging us to respect our environment and take good care of our second home. The following Monday, coming back to school and seeing the beautiful work done, was always my favorite day of the entire school year. Over a decade later, I can recall the positive impact it held on my own educational experience, allowing my friends and me to truly feel comfortable at school.

Through your donations, you become an integral part of this mission to spread hope and creative vision, and allow other children to experience this wondrous transformation, as well. I sincerely thank you in advance for your support!

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