Mentor Schip's First Student Crowdfunded Scholarship

by Mentor Schip




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Hi, I'm Schip, and I have a big dream: to go to college and pursue my passion for computer science. But there's a hurdle in my way – the daunting cost of higher education. College expenses can seem like a mountain to climb, totaling up to $497,628, a sum that my family and I simply can't afford on our own.

That's why I've turned to Mentor$chip, a novel crowdfunding scholarship platform, to help make my dream a reality. It's not just about me; it's about breaking barriers and setting a precedent for future generations. I want to be a role model for kids like me who dare to dream big.

My journey to college is not just about education; it's about opportunity. With your support, I can achieve my goal and set a positive example for my community. Through Mentor$chip, I'm reaching out to everyone who believes in the power of education and the potential of passionate students.

I'm excited to see the difference we can make together. With your help, we can overcome financial obstacles and pave the way for a brighter future. Please join my campaign and be a part of my college journey. Thank you for your support!