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Jackson McClean


            I am a student at Thomas Star King middle school, I am in the Arts and Tech Magnet (we have three magnets in the school). Anyway, this fundraiser is to get new P.E. equipment (I think the P.E. department is attempting to get a new golf set and speaker). And they will be replacing old equipment with newer items because some dodgeballs or other equipment are falling apart or torn which I am looking forward to.

Field Trips 

             The other portion of the money (they’re hoping to raise 65000 dollars total). Anyway, for the rest of the money, it will be going towards friends of king (FOK). Which will fund field trips and classroom supplies. There is a field trip in the near future which I am looking forward too. It is a overnight trip for 3 days to Big Bear with fully funded activities. And the classroom supplies would be funding art supplies and maybe some new computers for electives. The other magnets which are film and media and environmental studies might get a new camera and a bigger garden.


            The donations will be a flat rate even though I will be running laps, the laps will not have any effect to how much you donate so if you donate $5 and I run 7 laps it will still be 5 dollars. I think there will be a donate button near this so my goal is $1500 dollars I think I can reach this, so any donations will help!!

my punctuation might be a bit off sorry:(

Money raised in our T.S. King Jog-A-Thon will be used to

*Replace old and non-functioning equipment

*Purchase new equipment to enhance and expand students learning and experience (gymnastics, lacrosse, self-defense, table tennis, etc.)

*40% of money raised will go to Friends of King (FOK) for general funding of fieldtrips, school events, and teacher wishlists.

Non-traditional sports and equipment have allowed teachers to expose students to new sports and activities that may otherwise not be easily accessible. The teachers and coaches can then provide the proper tools needed to progress to skill mastery at different levels.

The jog-a-thon activity is a really fun event that students and teachers look forward to, getting outside to cheer each other on!

Thanks to previous jog-a-thons, King students have access to a state of the art fitness center, while learning to incorporate exercise, science and fitness principles into their lifestyle.

How would you like to support?