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Samara Jogs It Forward

by Samara Page




Campaign has ended


My name is Samara, and I love being a student at Thomas Starr King Magnet Middle School. One of the best parts is our amazing P.E. program with so many awesome sports and activities to try.

In P.E., I've gotten to experience things like spinning, pickleball, volleyball, dance, lacrosse, rugby, rock climbing, and more! Having so many different fitness options makes staying active really fun. It's a great break from academics where I can challenge myself physically and work as a team.

Our P.E. teachers are the best. They make the classes exciting and motivating while also teaching us important skills and healthy habits. Getting exposure to all these different sports has helped me find new interests and confidence.

But providing quality equipment and maintaining facilities for pickle ball courts, a rock climbing wall, dance studio with mirrors and bars, and everything else we're lucky to have at King takes a lot of funding. I really want to see our incredible P.E. programs continue and grow.

That's why I'm participating in our school's Jog-A-Thon fundraiser. I'm asking for your support through donations so we can raise money for our P.E. department. Your contribution will go directly towards new gear, updated facilities, and making sure my P.E. teachers have what they need to keep our fitness programs amazing.

Getting to try so many different sports and activities in P.E. is one of the best parts of attending King. Please donate to my Jog-A-Thon campaign so that awesome opportunity remains for me and future students. Thank you!

Money raised in our T.S. King Jog-A-Thon will be used to

*Replace old and non-functioning equipment

*Purchase new equipment to enhance and expand students learning and experience (gymnastics, lacrosse, self-defense, table tennis, etc.)

*40% of money raised will go to Friends of King (FOK) for general funding of fieldtrips, school events, and teacher wishlists.

Non-traditional sports and equipment have allowed teachers to expose students to new sports and activities that may otherwise not be easily accessible. The teachers and coaches can then provide the proper tools needed to progress to skill mastery at different levels.

The jog-a-thon activity is a really fun event that students and teachers look forward to, getting outside to cheer each other on!

Thanks to previous jog-a-thons, King students have access to a state of the art fitness center, while learning to incorporate exercise, science and fitness principles into their lifestyle.

How would you like to support?