Abby and Eliyahu Cooper’s TVAC EMS Week Fundraiser

by Abby and Eliyahu Cooper




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We both joined TVAC in the early 2000s as teenagers, not realizing that over 20 years later we would still be here!! TVAC has been a huge part of our family’s lives over the past two decades, and our kids grew up marching with TVAC in the Teaneck July 4th parade throughout their entire lives. 

Throughout the years, we have served in various leadership roles at TVAC. Eliyahu is currently serving as Medical Director, Vice President, and Wednesday evening crew chief. Abby is currently Captain of Personnel, Chair of Public Relations, and Monday and Tuesday midday crew chief. In addition, the Member of the Year award was given to Eliyahu in 2022 and Abby in 2023 for all of their efforts on behalf of the organization.

TVAC is the only 911 ambulance service in Teaneck and has been proudly serving the residents of Teaneck for 85 years. We are incredibly thankful and proud to have had the privilege of taking such active roles in TVAC over the past two decades! 

TVAC is an entirely volunteer organization and has never charged a patient for our services. We are able to do this with the generous, voluntary support of our donors.  With your donation, we will be able to maintain our ambulances, properly stock our supplies and continue serving the township of Teaneck.

Please support TVAC as we celebrate its 85th anniversary and we look forward to an exciting, bright future ahead!

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