EMS Week 2024

by Daniel Senter




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Since the age of 10, I've resided and worked in Teaneck, always admiring the Volunteers at TVAC. Despite my admiration, I never found the time to join or become an EMT. However, when my daughter Dena turned 17, she pleaded with my wife and me to let her join. My response was affirmative, with the condition that I would join too. That decision was made nearly 20 years ago, and now TVAC is an integral part of my life. Over the years, I've served on almost every committee within the organization, holding positions as an officer or Trustee for many years. I now have the privilege of serving as President. The remarkable work TVAC does for the community is truly commendable. Our members respond to emergencies 24/7, often sacrificing work or family time to assist neighbors in need, all without charging for our services or receiving any form of payment for our time. While other volunteer agencies struggle to recruit members, we remain strong, frequently having 3 or 4 ambulances in service simultaneously. However, our primary struggle lies in finances; the cost of operation continues to rise, and donations have not kept pace. Although the Town has been generous, state restrictions limit their assistance. Therefore, during EMS week, we turn to our friends, neighbors, and relatives to ask for help. Please consider donating to TVAC to help us reach our fundraising goal. The fundraiser will run until the end of EMS week on Sunday, May 26th. On that day, we will celebrate the arrival of our new ambulance 76 and bid a fond farewell to ambulance 73. Ambulance 73 has provided uninterrupted service to the Township of Teaneck for over 35 years, responding to more than 17,000 emergency calls. We invite you to join us at A Block Party/wet-down celebration at our headquarters 855 Windsor Rd Teaneck NJ from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely, Danny

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