Sam Cohen

Supporting: Hike-a-thon for Kids Now



Who am I?

I am Sam Cohen, an avid hiker, and board member of Kids Now, and parent of Jules Cohen, a 3rd grader in Brooke Elementary School

What am I doing?

On labor day weekend 2017, I will attempt to ascend the summit of Mount Tam. Running, walking, crawling...whatever it takes! Doing some preliminary mapping this will be almost 17 miles of beauty and pain!

I am doing this because I am a little crazy, but mostly, to raise money to benefit the Kids Now. Every dime donated will go straight to this amazing non-profit. 

What is my goal? 

1. To not get hurt or die 

2. To raise at least $2571 to support Kids Now's great efforts

3. To finish

How can you help?

1. Sponsor / Donate towards this attempt - Click the Sponsor button below 

I pledge to match every dollar donated, up to $2500!

2. Like the event on our Facebook page - share with all your friends

3. Track me (details to come)

4. Cheer for me

5. Pick me up if you find me crumpled over in pain :)

Thank you so much, in advance

Sam Cohen


We're raising money for our after school programs with our annual hike-a-thon up Mount Tam in the heart of beautiful Marin County, California. 

On Labor Day weekend 2017, we will attempt to hike up Mount Tamalpais. Every dollar raised goes to support kids in afterschool programs. The summit of Mount Tam is at 2,571 feet, and every foot of elevation costs $1. Sponsor each hiker for $2571 to get them to the summit! 

For every hiker we get to the top, it provides afterschool programming and all school supplies for an entire year for 5 kids! Think of the gigantic impact you can make.

  • Art program for one school year - $100
  • Art supplies - $30
  • Science and discovery program for one school year - $125
  • Science program supplies - $45
  • Music program for one school year - $90
  • Musical instrument - $300
  • Afterschool ESL program for one school year - $50