Josie is RACING support to help make mission POSSIBLE!

by Josie Joy Magness




Josie returns as the youngest member of Team MIP to complete her third 10k for $10K fundraising run, where she will represent Team MIP in the Berry 5k.  Josie has been a regular "missioner" at the Birthday Club since she was 4 years old, and in November, completed her second season as a special "cheer buddy" to Carolyn on the Shining Stars cheer team!  Josie is running "so we can raise more money to spend more time with special kids and keep doing special trips, like the awesome bus ride that takes the Shining Stars to state!" 

Josie is looking for INVESTORS to support her run in the amount of $10 per kilometer.  This can be done as a one-time donation of $50, or by signing up for a $10 monthly donation for 5 months.  To donate online, scroll down to the "Support Your MIP Runner" donation tab!  Thank you for helping Josie make THIS mission POSSIBLE!


How would you like to support?