Speaking Truth to Power

by Jose Luis Fuentes




Campaign has ended


Dear Friends,

Due to the earthquake in Mexico City in September 2017, we had to reschedule the Tribunal to June 2018.  I am asking for you to consider scarifying a movie night, dinner for two, weekend getaway, happy hour drinks to help us reconvene the Tribunal as we forfeited deposits due to the earthquake.  Any help reaching out to your friends for contributions would be great.  Here is what I have been up too:


I am volunteering with the NLG International sub-committee on Meso-America.  We are holding two Tribunal of Conscience in Mexico from June 22 to July 1, 2018.   For more information go to:   I raised $3,690 in 2017, but I was still trying to close a $1,300 gap.


?         We have 23 people attending the Tenosique, Southern Border of Mexico, part of the tribunal to address immigration issues.  

?         We have over 60 people attending the Guerrero, Ayotzinapa, part of the Tribunal to address impunity and the disappearance of 43 indigenous students who were being trained to be teachers.   

?         We have 4 artists and 6 human rights defenders from Mexico who need our assistances for travel and cost.  

?         One recent graduate from New York who needs $300 to travel with us, and one artist from San Francisco who needs $600 to travel with us.

?         Donations so far range from $1,600, $500 to $25.  

?         Each of the US participants is contributing toward their participation to help pay for our Mexican brothers and sisters who do not have the means but the needs.  

?         However, I am $1,300 short of my fundraising goal and the campaign is $5,000 short. 


I am therefore writing to friends and family to contribute what they can.  


?         The artist will be providing healing workshops for the parents of the 43 disappeared students.  

?         The human right defenders will be providing testimony and/or be jurors on the tribunal.  


I am attaching the tax-deductible donation link for your consideration.  If you have the time, please become a fundraiser by tapping the fundraiser option on the link below and fill out the boxes.  The site does the rest for you by connecting to your Facebook and sending out a request.



Thank you for your consideration.  We cannot do this without the support of the international community.


The International Tribunal of Conscience of Peoples in Movement
is organizing special hearings in Mexico City Nov. 2d and 3rd focused on serious violations of the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons, with the support of the National Lawyers’ Guild’s International Committee and Mesoamerica Task Force.

The hearings are being held within the framework of the VIII World Social Forum on Migration
at Mexico City’s Quaker Peace Center, which is known as the Casa de los Amigos
and of the global assembly of the International Migrants’ Alliance (Nov. 5-7). The hearings are being co-sponsored by Hope Border Institute/Instituto Fronterizo Esperanza (, which is dedicated to the defense of human rights throughout the U.S-Mexico border region.

Our focus in these hearings will be on violations of the right to freedom of movement or human mobility on both sides of the border and on a regional and global scale. Issues and cases presented will include the impact of the intensification of immigration enforcement under the Trump administration through the criminalization of migrants and the militarization of the U.S-Mexico border and Mexico’s southern border, ranging from family separation and family detention pursuant to “Zero Tolerance” to the deterrence of asylum seekers, the Muslim travel bans, and the abandonment of any serious commitment to the U.S’ responsibilities as a place of refuge, and the case of the ex-Braceros, as well as cases from throughout Latin America and beyond. The hearings will build on past hearings of the ITCPM and of the Mexican chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal.
The international jury participating in these hearings includes representatives of the International Migrant Alliance (IMA, see:
and renowned scholars and human rights defenders such as Enrique Dussel:
and Miguel Concha

How would you like to support?