Fundraising for International People's Tribunal in Mexico - AYUDA!

by Natasha Bannan


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We are headed back to Mexico in September with the International Tribunal of Conscience to hold public hearings on state-sponsored violence against migrants, students, campesinos, women and indigenous communities by the narco-state.  We will be holding a hearing in Ayotzinapa with the parents of 43 student teachers who were disappeared by force three years remains and their disappearance and possible assassinations remains unresolved.  The Mexican government has been accused of being complicit in targeting them, and has failed to act despite admonitions and demands by the community and international bodies.  

We will also be holding a hearing in Tenosique, along Mexico's southern border with Guatemala where thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing state-sanctioned violence in the northern triangle countries (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) have been met with state violence by immigration, federal and local officials, including extortion, rape, assault, kidnapping and murder.  All with funding by the United States who is supporting a militarized response to a widespread humanitarian crisis created by decades of conflict and civil war in the region, of which the U.S. played an integral role in fomenting.  This is U.S. foreign policy in action. 

We are in need of support to help cover costs for our in-country experts and witnesses, and to bring activists, filmmakers and human rights defenders to participate in this historic tribunal. Please consider supporting!!





Este septiembre regresamos a M?xico con el Tribunal Internacional de Conciencia para realizar vistas p?blicas sobre la violencia patrocinada por el estado mexicano contra migrantes, estudiantes, campesinos, mujeres y comunidades ind?genas por parte del narco-estado. Tendremos una audiencia p?blica en Ayotzinapa con los padres de los 43 normalistas que fueron desaparecidos forzosamente hace tres a?os y su desaparici?n y posibles asesinatos siguen sin resolverse. El gobierno mexicano ha sido acusado de ser c?mplice en atacarlos y no ha actuado con la diligencia debida a pesar de las amonestaciones y demandas de la comunidad y de los organismos internacionales.

Tambi?n se realizar? una audiencia en Tenosique, un pueblo en la frontera sur de M?xico con Guatemala, donde miles de refugiados y migrantes huyendo de la violencia sancionada por el estado en sus pa?ses de origen del tri?ngulo norte (Honduras, Guatemala y El Salvador) y de funcionarios federales y locales, incluyendo extorsi?n, violaci?n, asalto, secuestro y asesinato. Todo ello con fondos de los Estados Unidos que apoyan una respuesta militarizada a una crisis humanitaria generalizada creada por decenios de conflicto y guerra civil en la regi?n, de la cual los Estados Unidos jugaron un papel integral en fomentarlo. Esta es la pol?tica exterior estadounidense en acci?n.

Necesitamos apoyo para ayudar a cubrir los costos de nuestros expertos y testigos en el interior del pa?s, y para que activistas, cineastas y defensores de derechos humanos participen en este hist?rico tribunal. Por favor, haz tu donativo hoy!



The International Tribunal of Conscience of Peoples in Movement
is organizing special hearings in Mexico City Nov. 2d and 3rd focused on serious violations of the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced persons, with the support of the National Lawyers’ Guild’s International Committee and Mesoamerica Task Force.

The hearings are being held within the framework of the VIII World Social Forum on Migration
at Mexico City’s Quaker Peace Center, which is known as the Casa de los Amigos
and of the global assembly of the International Migrants’ Alliance (Nov. 5-7). The hearings are being co-sponsored by Hope Border Institute/Instituto Fronterizo Esperanza (, which is dedicated to the defense of human rights throughout the U.S-Mexico border region.

Our focus in these hearings will be on violations of the right to freedom of movement or human mobility on both sides of the border and on a regional and global scale. Issues and cases presented will include the impact of the intensification of immigration enforcement under the Trump administration through the criminalization of migrants and the militarization of the U.S-Mexico border and Mexico’s southern border, ranging from family separation and family detention pursuant to “Zero Tolerance” to the deterrence of asylum seekers, the Muslim travel bans, and the abandonment of any serious commitment to the U.S’ responsibilities as a place of refuge, and the case of the ex-Braceros, as well as cases from throughout Latin America and beyond. The hearings will build on past hearings of the ITCPM and of the Mexican chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal.
The international jury participating in these hearings includes representatives of the International Migrant Alliance (IMA, see:
and renowned scholars and human rights defenders such as Enrique Dussel:
and Miguel Concha

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