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Supporting: Rise & Walk: Medical Mission to Nigeria for The GEANCO Foundation



Friends and Family,

In November I will be joining a medical mission going to Awka, Nigeria with the GEANCO foundation. This mission is dedicated to hip and knee replacements and we plan to perform 30 or more joint replacements for patients in tremendous need of our services. Organizing such a coordinated effort and paying for equipment, medication and other items in very short supply locally is a tremendous team undertaking. In addition to dedication of the mission team and the GEANCO foundation, donations remain a critical element for overall success and sustainability. More information regarding GEANCO and prior missions can be found here:

Short video about the 2015 mission:

Please consider a donation to this cause, and feel free to contact me with any questions (

Thank you !




From November 10 - 19, the GEANCO Foundation ( will undertake a special medical mission to Nigeria.  For the fifth time, GEANCO's surgical team will perform hip and knee replacements on poor patients there, where the need is almost unimaginable. 

Each of our mission team members is working hard to raise money to help defray travel expenses and the cost of our supplies and equipment.  Your donation will help us impact so many lives, please give generously!  

Thank you in advance for your support!

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