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by Jacky Solis

Supporting: Donate to MiMentor! #MiMentor4All for Alliance in Mentorship

My Team: Georgia MiMentor Board



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I  have been involved with MiMentor since 2016. MiMentor has been pivotal in my commitment and drive to pursue medicine. 

We are a familia that supports and cheers one another, even if we are not in the same state. :)

How? MiMentor makes it easy for you to connect with students that are in your current educational journey, mentors that guide you and support you, and a community of movers and shakers that are with you in every step of your healthcare pursuit.

I kindly ask for you to please donate to MiMentor and keep supporting our efforts to increase diversity in the healthcare workforce and mentor the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

Thankful for MiMentor and all the amazing mentors that have assisted me thus far. I appreciate you all tremendously!

MiMentor was founded and created by Alliance in Mentorship (AIM), a 501c3 non-profit, to develop and support innovative mentorship opportunities that inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders for underserved communities. MiMentor brings together 1000's of aspiring and current healthcare professional mentors and mentees via (mobile app) and in-person events called Together We Mentor throughout the country.