Indigenous Fund for Sustainable Seattle

by Jessica Hernandez

Supporting: Donate to Sustainable Seattle for Sustainable Seattle

If you will like to support our future programming through Piña Soul, SPC (fiscally sponsored by Sustainable Seattle), please donate to this campaign. Every donation will be used to cover all expenses related to our programming including speakers' honorariums. 

Your donation supports future Indigenous-led & based programming that will be made available for  free to the public. All donations qualify for tax-deductions. 

Upcoming Event:

  • Rising Together: Black & Indigenous Solidarities

Past events:

  • Beyond Settler Borders: In Memory of Jakeelin Caal- Vigil for the 3rd year anniversary of Jakeelin Caal (a 7-year-old Maya Q'eqchi' girl) who died under U.S. custody due to being denied language interpretation in her native language, Maya Q'eqchi'. The vigil was followed by a panel of transnational Indigenous women (from what is now known as Canada, United States, Mexico & Guatemala) who are community advocates and leaders. 
  • Indigenous Futures in the Era of Climate Change- a virtual event that highlighted the importance of including Indigenous voices, perspectives, and lived experiences in the climate change discourse. It was co-organized in partnership with Piña Soul SPC, International Mayan League, and Sustainable Seattle

Seattle is a national leader in sustainable urbanism. Our communities support and incubate groundbreaking sustainability policy, activism, and design innovation. Public, private, and nonprofit sectors center around leadership in sustainable practice, helping to build a resilient future. We are a city of game-changers, of movers and shakers, of innovators, and of thought leaders. 

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If you want to contribute to sustainability, resilience, and justice in Seattle, you've found the right place.