by Melissa Moore

Supporting: The Road to Hope Virtual 5K Walk/Run for Hope of Shades Foundation

My Team: Melissa Moore



Six years ago, Shades of Hope saved my life.  I battled a life-long eating disorder that no vacation, therapist, hypnotist, fad diet, exercise plan or dietician could solve. I had an obsession to be thin, an obsession with food and exercise, and an obsession of the mind that consumed every waking hour of my day. I lived in secret and shame until it nearly killed me. Within one year I lost all control and gained 100lbs, bringing me to a physical, emotional and spiritual bottom.

By the grace of God, in January 2012 I found Shades of Hope and it set me free. I am forever grateful for the gift of treatment. It provided the foundation for everything good in my life today. I show up, my mind is clear and I am present for the people I love. I am starting to achieve my dreams and learning that there are endless possibilities within reach. I am blessed and I am free. 

Millions of people suffering cannot afford treatment. Even a $1 donation makes a difference. Please think about donating to The Hope of Shades Foundation to help give someone the gift of recovery. Every penny counts!

Bless your heart for your help. 

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Shades of Hope Treatment Center, we are hosting the The Road to Hope Virtual 5K Walk/Run. This event will take place on April 21, 2018 all over the country and simultaneously during the Shades of Hope reunion in Buffalo Gap, Texas. Participants will be walking in support of and celebration of recovery for themselves, a loved one, or all who are struggling with eating disorders and addiction. Funds raised benefit The Hope of Shades Foundation and provide financial aid for individuals seeking treatment of eating disorders and addiction.

On the day of the event, take pictures in your Road to Hope T-shirt and post with hashtag -