Afsaneh Abree

by Afsaneh Abree

Supporting: 2019 Annual Campaign for Nana Grants, Inc.

Our formula is simple:
Money for College + Quality Child Care = Economic Mobility.

When we talk about education as a tool for breaking the cycle of poverty, child care must be part of the discussion.

We’re doing some exciting things to expand access to higher education for everyone in Georgia. Let’s make sure “everyone” includes low-income, single mothers.

Nana Grants ensures that low-income mothers in Georgia who qualify for financial aid have access to high-quality, affordable child care while they complete their post-secondary education.

What's a Nana Grant?

For thousands of Georgia families, HOPE is out of reach.

Nana Grants pays for child care so that low-income, single mothers can take advantage of Georgia’s HOPE Career Grant scholarship for Technical Colleges.

Each Nana Grant helps cover the cost of on-site technical college/university child care (per child) for roughly a year depending on the student’s program of study and the child care center tuition. Our goal is to remove the uncertainty of continuous, quality child care from the equation so that student mothers can focus on their studies, graduate, and begin a financially-sustaining career.

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