Vetoga Teacher Training in Hawaii 2019

by Marc Proctor


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Hello, my name is Marc Proctor and I am a military spouse to Ashley Proctor (she has also applied to the YTT in May). I have lived in the Northwest USA for my whole life with the exception of a few global trips over the years. I currently live in Oregon where I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic, and play music in my off time. I was introduced to yoga 6 years ago, and started learning some basic forms from friends who practiced regularly. Over the years my practice has grown, it helped me manage the stress of getting into the field of paramedicine and firefighting. The practice of yoga has benefitted me and others in both simple and meaningful ways. When working with patients in the ambulance I often coach them on breathing exercises. It is incredible the impact that can have on someone in a state of crisis. This past year I have undergone some life changes due to a back injury I got while on a fire, and a severe corn allergy that has completely altered my diet. These two events have caused me to re-evaluate how I view holistic health, and seek better personal practices for mind, body and soul. Yoga has become an important part of that for me, and has helped with my back injury, internal problems with my gut from stress and allergic reactions, and my ability to perform my job; it has helped me keep my mind healthy despite the stresses of my work, and offers tools for me to keep from bringing those stresses home to my wife and 1 year old son; it has helped with my soul by allowing moments of internal reflection and growth. When my wife applied to Vetoga I was happy for her, but became further excited when she learned it was open to spouses as well. It is an incredible opportunity, and one that would allow us to give back to our local community as a couple. I take in veterans to the ER often who struggle with PTSD, and how unhealthy coping mechanisms kill them slowly. It would be wonderful to be able to be a part of positive change by offering free classes to veterans and first responders. 

VETOGA, a veteran run non-profit whose mission is to provide yoga, meditation, and healing arts to active-duty military, veterans, their families and communities.

In 2013, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010, showing that roughly 22 veterans committed suicide each day, or one every 65 minutes. Current research has found that yoga and community involvement have a direct impact on the reduction of post-traumatic stress in veterans, as well as generally increasing overall mental well-being.

We have hosted three very successful VETOGA Teacher Training's with 85 graduates from over 65 cities around the U.S. and Australia.

Now VETOGA will be hosting the our 4th Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Teacher Training program specifically designed for veterans. We have trained 85 teachers so far through our program from all over the United States. This teacher training will equip veterans with the holistic tools and teachings to pass on the healing benefits of yoga to their veteran communities. Through this work we enable and encourage veterans to create harmony peace for themselves as well as others, allowing them to continue their service in a more peaceful way.

This is where you come in!

We need your help to raise funds that will allow for the training to be zero cost to the veterans.

They have given up enough of their lives in service to us and now we have an opportunity to serve them back. The funds raised will help pay for 20-30 Veterans to attend the VETOGA teacher training's and the following:

Tuition cost of the VETOGA 200 hour teacher training program; Books and materials required for the teacher training program; Yoga Mats and props for each teacher trainee during the training; help with travel and lodging cost for veterans traveling to Hawaii as needed; rental space of the yoga studio; VETOGA Yoga Nidra CD

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Some of the topics covered in this course include:
Techniques for the practice and teaching yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, anatomy and physiology of the human body and anatomy in yoga postures; posture alignment, assists, and adjustments; Voice coaching and training; Teaching methodologies and sequencing; Use of props and variations for physical limitations; Yogic lifestyle and ethics as a teacher; Business of yoga; Karma Yoga and creating community.

Ke'ehi Lagoon Memorial will host this teacher training's this year located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Course Dates:
Spring:   May 23rd - June 2nd  (2019) 

Cost for the Teacher Training per Student

$3500 - For Non-Hawaii residents

$2500 - For Hawaii residents

Course Teachers:
The VETOGA Yoga Teacher Training is guided by lead instructors: Justin Blazejewski and Brittanie DeChino and assisted by teacher training staff of veterans and experts for sections in Ayurveda, anatomy and philosophy.

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