Give a Little, Make a BIG Impact: Send Erin to Honduras!

by Erin Tooley

Supporting: Extended Term Missioners for Missioners of Christ for Missioners of Christ



Great News!

Hello Friends and Family!

I am extremely excited to inform you that I have been given an incredible opportunity to devote myself to a life of service for the next two years. This June, I?ll be joining the Missioners of Christ, a community that has been serving in Honduras since 1998.  They have partnerships with the Diocese of Comayagua and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in implementing basic needs and discipleship programs for the Honduran people in and around Comayagua, Honduras.


I have previously done mission work with the Missioners of Christ in high school and it was a life-changing experience.  My favorite memories of Honduras include visiting the patients the local medical clinic, and working at the boy?s orphanage.  I loved visiting the surrounding villages and getting to know the people in their own homes.  Now, with my social work degree, I?ll not only be able to visit but also able to help assess and address the people?s physical and spiritual needs, all while providing support and aid.  For more information on the Missioners of Christ, you can visit their website at

The Mission:

I will depart June 5th, and shortly thereafter, I will attend a Spanish immersion school in Antigua, Guatemala.  I will be spending two years of service with the Missioners, which I will officially commit to after an initial six-month discernment period from July-December 2018.  As many of you know, working with the Missioners has had a place in my heart for a very long time and I am thrilled to fulfil my dream.  However, I cannot do this without your help!  Here comes the fun part J?  I would like to invite you to consider being a very real part of this journey with me through prayer and financial support.

Financial Support:

First, and most importantly, I am asking for your prayers during this exciting adventure.  A mission like this is only possible through the grace of God.  Secondly, I am asking you to please consider making a charitable contribution to my work with the Missioners.  I need to raise approximately $15,000.00 to cover the costs associated with the mission.  These funds will cover my room, board, travel, language school, and fees for the two years I'm in Honduras.  Also, your contribution is tax deductible. J



?         One-time donation: You can donate once on this website or by mailing a check directly to the Missioners.

To donate via check, please write my name in the memo (Erin Tooley) and mail to:

Missioners of Christ

ATTN: Missions Support
3127 Racine Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23509

?         Monthly donations: You can set up regular monthly donations, which must be made electronically.

?         NOTE: Again, your donations through this website or via mail are tax deductible! Please save a record electronically for your receipt.  Thank you!


I will be doing a blog to keep family and friends connected to me and the mission.  For now though, if you have any further questions concerning the trip or this letter, please don?t hesitate to email me at


Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

How would you like to support?