On-Going Support for Guatemala Travel

by Jim Pitkin

Supporting: Become a Sponsor for Living Water World Missions



Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, I have been privileged to work with a non-profit Visalia ministry, Living Water World Missions, since my retirement from the Visalia Unified School District in 2012.  During that time, I have made many trips to Guatemala and I have also traveled to Cuba and Honduras helping to install water purification systems in schools, churches and orphanages.  A significant component of each trip is teaching community health and hygiene, an endeavor that I oversee.  This is an important part of the process because people living in developing countries do not always understand or use what we might consider basic health practices.  We enable our partners to realize that washing one's hands and consuming only purified water will help them and their families lead more healthy and productive lives.  In addition, we offer suggestions about how best to leverage the water to raise funds for on-going maintenance and support of the water system and to draw people to the church to hear about how much God loves them.

My goal for support this year is to raise approximately $5,000 to cover the cost of my travel.  I am hopeful that by using this simple tool for online giving you will find it easier to contribute.  More than money, I would appreciate your on-going prayer for the continued success of the work we have begun.  I never thought about being a "full-time part-time missionary" but I believe God used my career in education in Visalia to prepare me for this work.  (After all, Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness getting ready for the tasks God prepared for him!)  

I would ask you to prayerfully consider how best to support our desire to see the health and hearts of people be changed for eternity.  My love and best to you all,


We invite you to consider becoming a sponsor of the life-changing ministry of Living Water World Missions.  Every 8 seconds a child dies due to water-related illnesses and God has called us to bring safe, sustainable water solutions to communities in need.  

You can sponsor our organization at a various levels of commitment.  You can donate monthly, quarterly, annually, or as a one time donation.  You can chose to support one of our board members by funding their travel as they lead our monthly installation trips.  Please let us know if there is another way that you would like to support Living Water World Missions.   

How would you like to support?