Join me on mission!

by Weng Bruner

Supporting: Partner with Staff for International Commission

I have been involved with International Commission for 19 years now. The first eleven years being an Administrative Staff in the IC Philippine office were the years I was introduced to the One-on-one evangelism. I then learned to love the global missions.  In 2008, God called me to join the US International Commission family. 

As a mobilizer, I am privileged to enlist US participants and lead the team to go on a mission project across the globe and share the redeeming love of Jesus to those who have not heard about Him.  Kenn, my husband is helping me in this area. 

For three decades, God has been using my secretarial skill in proclaiming His word.  It is my joy to be a Virtual Admin Assistant making each Project Prayer Guides for the participants and their prayer partners.  During the whole duration of the project, the updates and reports are sent to the office and it's my job to pass these on to the prayer partners.  Prayer secures God's protection and blessings on our laborers and the whole project. 

There’s no greater joy than to see one soul come to repentance and receive the gift of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.     

God has given International Commission's staff members the opportunity to share His Good News all over the earth!

I.C. equips and enables believers worldwide to conduct church-based evangelism projects to reach unbelievers and make disciples, and we have seen over 15 million salvations in four decades of ministry. On average, we see seven professions of faith for every dollar given through our ministry.

You can partner with an I.C. missionary to mobilize American and international believers to share the gospel in cooperation with local churches. This God-sized task is made possible through the financial support of ministry partners like you. When you give, you're not just making a donation; you're making a Kingdom investment and joining us on mission!