I'm going to #TakeAStand this month and I hope you'll join me in being #LouderTogether!

by Niki Coleman

Supporting: Create a Fundraiser! for Fight Against Domestic Violence



Domestic Violence impacts so many people and knows absolutely no boundaries of race, wealth, job or family situation. It impacts 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 and so you may know someone who has (or is) silently struggling or struggled in the past with violence in their relationship. 

I worked as a Shelter Manager for a Domestic Violence agency and saw first hand the hardships these families face. From displaced homes, friends, and items, these survivors are tough but need our help. Hearing their stories makes me want to fight harder so that no one is turned away from assistance at their local shelter/center. 

Will you help me raise money that goes directly to these shelters/centers so that services can be provided from shelter, counseling, advocacy and even legal assistance? We can all be the supportive friend in listening and caring too....everything matters. 


How would you like to support?