Help me #TakeAStand against domestic violence! We are #LouderTogether!

by Amy O'Hara

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For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to Fight Against Domestic Violence. Most of you know Domestic Violence has played out in my life in one way or another over the years. I have been the child, the abused as well as the friend of the abused.  I fully know how this affects mindset and how hard it is to heal from these massive blows to our spirits. In my efforts to do more for those affected I completed the FADV advocacy program, make regular donations, run fundraisers and continue to share my voice speaking out against this all too common tragedy. This mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to change the dynamic of intimate partner abuse. The signs are not always apparent and it will take a major shift in our awareness through education as well as providing victim resources to empower those who are abused. Every little bit will help and I will also be sharing fundraisers through my birthday month of October which is coincidentally also National Domestic Violence month. 

Statistics: During the time it took you to read this, 20 people were abused by domestic violence in the US.

Modern Leather Tote Raffle

With each $10 donated to this fundraiser you will earn 1 entry for this gorgeous tote. Also, with each $100 spent in my Noonday fundraising event you will earn an additional entry! 

Once you have completed your donation please send me a message with a best contact and your full name so I can reach you if you win! 

How would you like to support?