Elinor Lee Hull (1926-2018)

by Rick, Donna, Rindy, Lisa


In Honor of Our Mother, Elinor Lee Hull 


Wife of Lt. Hal Downes, MIA January 13, 1952

 Elinor … a woman and mother, who through action taught her children about survival; 

Hal … his love of family, his wife and children. His love of Country: to serve and defend; not once-but twice; then taken away. 

Missing-in-Action … words no one wants to hear, least of all a young mother left on her own.


Life's loss brought additions to a newly defined family. Two new little ones arrived. Four together.

Our love of, and bond with, one another is our strength and legacy to our Mom.

* * 

Elinor was a woman and mother who, in her handling of life’s struggles, taught her children about both survival and devotion. Without question or hesitation, she was always there the instant we needed her.

Our mother was also a woman of contrast. She loved food, yet disliked cooking. She loved animals but never had one of her own. She thrived on company yet lived alone in her beloved cottage by the lake. And, though she accepted hardship when it came to her, Elinor never missed a chance to smile.

Mom was enriched by her undying love for her first husband, Harold Downes. “Hal” went missing during the Korean War, leaving Elinor and their children—one born and one on the way—to a lifetime of uncertainty about what had happened to him.

Missing-In-Action - words that can paralyze. But Elinor lived on and, before too many years had passed, brought two more little ones into the world. She was, above all else, a mother to her four children.

Elinor lived a long life…healthy and strong until the end. The greatest gift she gave the four of us was her unconditional love of family. For that gift, we will be forever grateful. Our love of, and bond with, each other is our strength. It is the legacy our mother left behind. And though we must now say goodbye to her, we will remember her always and miss the light that she brought into our lives.


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