Deborah Scott Memorial Campaign

by Deborah Scott


Debbie Scott, aged 61, passed away peacefully in her home on May 25, 2020 surrounded by those closest to her. There is no place she would have rather been, as her home is embedded in Port Richmond history. Within the walls are countless stories, laughter and friends, triumphs and tears, sounds of little feet running around and an endless buffet for anyone who was hungry. She was a Mother to all. 

Debbie was an adoring mother and is survived by her 3 children, Franklin (Kaitlyn), Chelsea (Jeremy) and Victoria. She was the devoted Me-Mom of 8, Jonathan, Noah, Christian, Madelyn, Isabella, Declan, Taylor & Teagan.

Debbie was an Irish girl, you could spot her from across any room with her vibrant red hair, big smile and rosy cheeks. She was a longtime and devoted member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 87.

Many people long to find their kindred spirit. For those who knew Debbie, they needed not look further. She was trusted. She was a friend and confidant to anyone who needed it. She was a home for so many. Her door was always open. She was passionate about people. She spent her life volunteering at Cohox Rec Center,  and babysitting all the neighborhood children. She was deeply loved by all who knew her and her legacy will forever live on in the lives of those she’s graced. She will be deeply missed.

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