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by Kenneth VanEngen

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Friends & Family,

I am part of something that is very exciting that I want to share with you so that you can join me in making music accessible to children in the urban areas of Kansas City.

Base Academy of Music is non-profit music organization who makes starting to learn a musical instrument accessible and affordable for urban youth. We teach the foundations of music to urban youth to help them see their God given potential and succeed in school and beyond.

BAM was officially formed in 2012 as a nonprofit organization in the state of Missouri. We believe music education is a vital part of a complete education and students who want to study music should be able to, regardless of the community they live in or their economic status. We know the lessons learned in music help to develop children into competent, contributing members of our communities. BAM works to lower the barriers urban youth face when wanting to begin to study music or take their study further. We desire to see our schools, our communities, and our city transformed by a generation who knows and creates beauty through music.

Most people inherently understand that there is something special and important about music - something they can’t quite explain. It moves the soul in a way nothing else really does.

We wish that were enough, but clearly it isn’t – funding for music programs in schools and elsewhere is often the first budget cut made.  Music is viewed as an extra. But, experience reveals music is an essential component of a complete education. Here’s why:

  • Music uniquely engages the totality of the brain. 
  • Music education builds perseverance, discipline, and confidence.
  • Music assists in development of problem-solving skills.
  • Learning music increases working potential. 
  • Students who develop musical skill discover that they can do more than they previously imagined possible. 
  • Music inherently progresses a person from dependence to independence to interdependence, a process that is necessary to becoming a fully-functioning adult. 
  • Music impacts people on multiple levels: intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationally.
  • Music teachers can be instrumentally positive mentors for their students.
  • Music grows the concept of one’s own potential.

In short, at BAM we have discovered that a student’s success in school is improved as a result of having music as a component of their learning.

I have been a financial supporter of BAM for several years. Very quickly I saw how BAM was impacting children’s lives through music. That energized me to become more actively involved and I joined the BAM Board of Directors to partner with others of similar passion to enable BAM to reach more children. We have grown BAM’s outreach and even more excited about the possibilities to reach more children in urban Kansas City in the months ahead.

BAM is teaching more than 100 students each week.  But, there are many more students to reach and we need your help.  

Your gift of $80 per month will provide weekly music lessons to one student for an entire year.

Or, your pledge of $40 per month will allow you to partner with another donor to provide weekly lessons for one student. That’s $10 per week.

If a one time gift is better way for you to partner with BAM, a $100 gift will cover the lesson costs for one student for one month.

Please consider my invitation to become part of BAM through your financial support. Simply select the Make A Donation button below and you’ll be on your way to becoming a BAM supporter.

Thanks for your consideration. I wish you well in the upcoming Holiday season.

We want every student to have access to the benefits of playing music, but for many families, there are significant barriers to getting started. Partner with us this #GIVINGTUESDAY! If we can raise $15,000 we will be able to serve 150 students. 



Make music education accessible and affordable for urban youth this #GIVINGTUESDAY

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