Help support the Garibays on our brigade.

by The Garibays

Supporting: MEDICAL BRIGADE 2019 for Honduras Good Works



The Garibays were with us in 2017 and added so much to the spirit of the event and the joy of everyone.  Funds raised here will be used to cover the cost of their participation.  Any donation of any size will be much appreciated.

“I was fortunate enough to spend time with them on the 2017 brigade.  I witnessed their love of children and how comfortable our patients were with them.  At social hour they were like a magnet for us.  Their love of God expressed in song drew us in. What a way to end a blessed day.”-- Rosie Higgs

The cost for this year's trip is $2000. We need a $200 deposit when you apply OR no later than April 1.  Another $800 is due by May 15 and the balance of $1000 is due June 15. On April 1 we will release any seats that have not paid the $200 deposit. If you wish you may pay the full balance anytime.

** If for some reason a volunteer's application is not approved, their deposit will be refunded.

To donate/pay for a specific volunteer enter their last name in the Search box at the top of the page and press Enter.