Running for YES!

by Eric Aaholm

Supporting: Run to Nature for YES Nature to Neighborhoods

My Team: Summer Camp Team



Growing up as a kid in the Colorado foothills I was lucky enough to have nature's endless expanses right out my front door. During the summers my neighborhood friends and I would set out in the morning and explore the outdoors until after dusk. In the winter, tugging our sleds up the face of steep hills and screaming down the other side instilled a tireless desire in us to keep walking so we could make more exciting discoveries that undoubtedly lay over the next hill.


Twelve years into helping others become inspired by the outdoors through YES, I'm now more likely to be found running to keep up with my three-year old! As he makes new daily discoveries, I can't help but think of the adventures we'll have together and the places his feet will take him on his journeys ahead.


For these reasons, I'm excited to get outside and participate in YES's 3rd Annual Fund-Racer. On February 23rd I'll be running the 5k course on Richmond's beautiful Bay Trail alongside YES participants and supporters. 


I invite you to support my run. All donations will help our YES youth and families access the outdoors and find their own inspiration in Mother Nature in the year ahead. For more info, please visit www.yesfamilies.org. Thank you!

YES Nature to Neighborhoods is gearing up for our Run to Nature Fund-Racer on February 23rd! In either the 5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon heats, we'll be walking, running, and skipping the Richmond Marina's beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail. Learn more about us at www.yesfamilies.org. 

To be part of this community effort to support YES, you can:

1) Donate Now!

2) Join us as a "Fund-Racer" in three quick steps:
 i. Sign up for the race by clicking here, and be sure to join the YES Nature to Neighborhoods Team during your registration process!
 ii. Start your own Fund-Racer page: Click the link and in just a few minutes, you'll have a personalized fundraising page.
 iii. Email your friends, family, and coworkers: Tell them why you're doing this, and ask them to donate to support you! Tips to make this very easy can be found here. We've learned that a group email is the best way to get started, and that follow-up posts on social media are a great way to give updates and to remind your community what you're up to.

How would you like to support?