Let's get kids outdoors!

by Erica Fine

Supporting: Run to Nature for YES Nature to Neighborhoods

My Team: Team C2C


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Hi friends and family,

As many of you know, for the past two years since moving to the Bay, I have been alternately working for and volunteering with a fantastic organization in Richmond, CA called YES Nature to Neighborhoods. 

I donate my time and expertise to YES because I believe deeply in their mission to connect youth and whole families to the outdoors, and to opportunities to serve as community leaders. I have had the opportunity to advocate for nature and school-based wellness alongside their staff, to learn how to be a better educator from their partners, and to play and enjoy our essential urban green spaces alongside their participants. In all of these interactions, I have seen how holistically YES thinks about the benefits of access to nature, how in touch they are with the needs and strengths of their community, and the warmth with which they do their work. 

Last year, we (me + you all) raised $400 for YES. That's just enough to send one YES participant to summer camp for one week! This year, YES is aiming to raise $35,000 to send kids to camp, maintain their operations, and expand their offerings. Let's see if we can help them do this by breaking our record for last year and raising *at least* $500! That's just $25 from 20 of you or $50 from 10 of you! I already chipped in $25 to get us started - and I am going to run 6 miles on the day of the Fun-raiser to boot!

You know how much I care about being outside - and I know how much access to nature means to so many of you. Please help me support this awesome organization working to provide that joy to children and families in Richmond.

Thank you!


YES Nature to Neighborhoods is gearing up for our Run to Nature Fund-Racer on February 23rd! In either the 5K, 10K, or Half-Marathon heats, we'll be walking, running, and skipping the Richmond Marina's beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail. Learn more about us at www.yesfamilies.org. 

To be part of this community effort to support YES, you can:

1) Donate Now!

2) Join us as a "Fund-Racer" in three quick steps:
 i. Sign up for the race by clicking here, and be sure to join the YES Nature to Neighborhoods Team during your registration process!
 ii. Start your own Fund-Racer page: Click the link and in just a few minutes, you'll have a personalized fundraising page.
 iii. Email your friends, family, and coworkers: Tell them why you're doing this, and ask them to donate to support you! Tips to make this very easy can be found here. We've learned that a group email is the best way to get started, and that follow-up posts on social media are a great way to give updates and to remind your community what you're up to.

How would you like to support?