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Feed 25 Students

by Sriram Vennamaneni

Supporting: Feed 800 Students for VT Seva

My Team: Feed the Kids



I would like to support 25 students with help of my team members. Please join me in celebrating your special day by sharing joy.

VT Seva's # 1 priority is Children's future!

We believe in our efforts and support schools to the highest standards with education, food and primary healthcare for 1300 students. Majority (~800) of them are boarding students and we provide 3 meals to them. Non residential students are provided lunch meal.

VT Seva Dallas is celebrating 10th anniversary of Tarangini event with a project goal of supporting the food for at least 800 students. With just 0.54C/day, you can feed a student for one full year.

We all have special days in our life such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduation ceremonies. Make it extra special with a  pledge to feed a student for year on your special day or to celebrate special days of your loved ones. We will email you and your loved ones a video of wishes from the students for that occasion. With $200, you will be empowering a student with nutritious food and it certainly helps children in excelling at education with good health.

Because of You, We Serve. 
Because of You, We 
Because of You, We Educate
Because of You, We 
Don't Give Up!
Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

How would you like to support?