The Man Up Clubhouse - New St. Paul Youth Center

by Tianna McKinney


The Man Up Club is a Non-Profit Organization that Mentors Young Black Males Ages 12-24. I personally love the mission of this organization because there aren't enough resources today for young African American boys, that assists them in their development. Often there are plenty of opportunities of our boys to be developed on the basketball court, on a football field or in music - but they aren't as encouraged in areas of financial development and careers,  they aren't mentored in spiritual development or encouraged to develop as a good humanitarian. The Man Up Club addresses this need, and not only mentors them in every aspect of their life, but the focus is on assisting and developing young boys into men of holistic character. Working for this organization I've got to see first hand the brotherhood that these boys create, and I've seen how having positive role models and leading Black Males has changed the direction of their life for the better.

Now you can support too by helping me raise $2500 for the New Youth Center called 'The Man Up Clubhouse' that will be located in Downtown Saint Paul in The Treasure Island Center. 

The Man Up Club empowers young black males to make positive life choices while preparing them for post-high school education via college or trade school. The Man Up Club offers these young men a safe place to build positive, long-lasting relationships with mentors, a brotherhood to be encouraged, as well as facilitated discussions about life challenges, family dynamics, spirituality, and dealing specifically with the issue of fatherlessness.

The goal of the Man Up Club is to equip these young boys and prepare them to become valued competing members of society. The Man Up Club is fundraising to launch a state-of-the-art clubhouse to continue to offer daily programming that consists of one on one and group mentoring, tutoring, trauma healing, youthbuild construction training, music recording and production studio, culinary arts program, gardening, field trips, recreation, etiquette and grooming.

We found the perfect location in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Our monthly operational expenses will average $5,000 per month. We have a 5 - year plan to directly impact our community and help fast track young men to a path of success. Our total budget is $300,000.

We moved into phase I of our new facility and began remodeling on Oct 12th.  Our Grand Opening was on Saturday, November 25th where we hosted supporters and young men applied to become new members!  I am honored to say our new location is: 1018 N. 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55411.

The Man Up Club will have a significant impact on deterring and preventing youth violence in the Twin Cities and developing boys into young men of character. Partner with us today and be the change we want to see.

Video Schedule

1:05 - Korey Dean, Founder & Executive Director of The Man Up Club

22:50 - JC Dampier, Assistant Director

24:30 - Introduction of Man Up Members

27:25- (19 yrs old) Tre Morgan 3 yr Man Up Member

31:00 - The Man Up Pledge

32:08 - Arman Howard (13 yrs old) 1 yr. Man Up Member

36:09 - Frenchniel Batiba (23 yr old) 2 yr. Man Up Member

41:00 - Teyona Morgan, Mother of a Man Up Member

42:40 - Tia Mckinney, Man Up Impact

46:55 - How you can become a Man Up Fundraising Partner!

47:40 - Brian Slipka (Man Up Partner, The Slipka Foundation)

56:52 - Mariaha Dean, CEO of Eden Resources

59:40 - Closing Remarks from Korey Dean, Founder & Executive Director of The Man Up Club

104:43 - Brian Slipka, Why you should become a Man Up Partner!

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